Blogger Resources

I thought it could be helpful to make a post where I share my blogging resources and what I personally use on my blog. You will find here a list of resources for hosting services, plugins, and tools.

Please keep in mind that I am in no way an expert/professional, nor I consider my blog to be perfect. This is a list of resources that help me run my blog, please do your own research before installing anything.

Hosting Services

Bluehost : ($) is a web-hosting provider, with an easy installation if you are on WordPress, and very low prices. They offer a lot of features including domain hosting, disk storage, and free domain name registration.

GoDaddy : ($) is also a web hosting provider and the world leading domain registrar. I personally don’t use GoDaddy but wanted to give another alternative to Bluehost. You will need to see what suits your needs best.


ADK Media : ($) If you live in Morocco, I would highly recommend ADK Media. They have multiple packs for hosting you can choose from, with a various price range.


WordPress themes & plugins

Pipdig Themes : ($) I use a theme from Pipdig called Venture, all of their themes are customizable. They can even install it for you, I can’t recommend them enough. Their customer service is really good and reactive.

Shopr Plugin : ($) I couldn’t find a free plugin to add a shoppable widget on my blog, but I would recommend this one from Pipdig. It’s the same company I get my theme from. This plugin will help you link to products from your favorite websites and add a gallery of shoppable pictures anywhere on your blog. You can see how I use it on my blog here (Also compatible with affiliate links)

Yoast Plugin : (FREE) This is a must-have for any blogger who wants their blog to be SEO friendly. It’s totally free, and basically will guide you to make any of your posts optimized for search engines to find it!

Affiliate disclosure Plugin : (FREE) If you are using some kind of affiliate links, you NEED to disclose that to your readers. This free plugin will make it easier.

BackWPup : (FREE) You need to make backups of your blog at least once a month! Most of the plugins I’ve found comes with a monthly subscription fee, and I am not just ready yet for that. So this a good solution, this plugin does the work!

Blog monetization

Viglink : (FREE) In my opinion, the easiest way to monetize links on your site. Once you sign-up for VigLink and install the plugin, they will automatically affiliate any links( even links on posts you’ve already written) with no extra editing!

Graphic design tools

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop : ($) From creating your own logo to retouching pictures the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are a must in my opinion. I also use Lightroom CC to retouch all of my images for the blog and social media.

Canva : (FREE) is an app with loads of features (some of them are not free) to create infographics and images for your blog and social media. I use it for Instagram stories and to create Pinterest images for my blog posts.

Pinterest post scheduler

Tailwind : (FREE) The free tool I use to schedule my Pinterest posts! It’s pretty awesome and they also have a tribe feature where you can share your content in a similar way of Pinterest group boards. If you use my link we both get a 15$ Bonus!! How cool is that!?