6 Reasons To Go For Organic Cosmetics

6 Reasons To Go For Organic Cosmetics

We hear, read and discuss more and more about organic cosmetics and beauty products, have you realized? You certainly have!

There are two types of reaction to this spread: some women are already convinced organic cosmetics are better while some others have their own doubts and wonder if they really make a difference.

Attitude Organic wrote this article to both comforts the organic converted ladies and to encourage the reluctant women to give organic cosmetics a try.

Read below to discover 6 good reasons to go for organic beauty products!


1) You avoid chemicals

Most of the traditional cosmetics sold in stores contain chemicals that have not been certified without danger to your health. For example, parabens and perfume (both very common ingredients in beauty products) are harmful to you. Going for organic cosmetics is a good way to avoid this risk.


2) Organic cosmetics contain more nutrients

Commercial products usually contain a very small quantity of nutritional ingredients. They mask the real issues instead of truly improving the health and the quality of your hair, your skin and your nails.

In the opposite, organic products contain vitamins such as Vitamin C and E that are amazing antioxidants and that fight skin aging. They are also rich in Vitamin A that is the dull skin best friend and that will make you shine!

Essential oils are the best example we could take. They are 100% pure and you are sure that they contain what you look for. That said, be cautious while using those. Most of the time they need to be diluted before use. You can browse our essential oil shopping page if you feel like giving it a try


3) Avoid Greenwashing

Nowadays, more and more brands claim to be natural.They try to enjoy this movement as an opportunity to increase their sales. However, you need to know that a big majority of those brands is not natural, they just claim they are. As the term natural is not strictly regulated, a beauty product containing less than 50% natural ingredients may pretend to be natural.

If you go for organic certified beauty products, you make sure that at least 95% of organic ingredients.


4) They are ethical

To be labeled certified organic, cosmetics cannot be tested on animals. Therefore, not only your skin and your health are improved but the life quality of our animal friends too!


5) They are eco-friendly

Organic means that the ingredients used to make the products are organically grown so they do not contain any fertilizers. Thus, the production of your cream and face wash did not contribute to the pollution of the environment.

Besides, the organic brands usually tend to pay attention to the environment. They often use recycled materials to make their packaging.


6) Make your life easier

If you are concerned about composition and chemicals in your cosmetics but that you do not know how to read labels, the organically certified labels will make your life easier. If you want to learn about how to read your beauty products labels, you can refer to our guide.


You can find an organic skincare review here as well as an organic hair care routine.


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